Let’s introduce ourselves

The way of becoming a serious company with limited liability wasn’t so easy and fast.

Twenty years ago, more precisely, in 1998, we started our activity in prefabrication operations and design. After several years, a first professional company was founded in Milano, and as a result of its ten-year work, in 2008 was born Structurama LTD.

Today, Structurama is located in Belgrade, Milan and Moscow and has the goal to design and provide consulting services in the construction market.
This year we are celebrating anniversary and we are informing you about that with joy and proud.

We can boast of facts that we have in past work designed up to 17 millions of square meters all over the world participating in around 1500 different projects.

Some of the countries where we achieved enviable results are: Switzerland, France, USA, the Russian Federation, Sultanate of Oman, Moldavia, Morocco, Belarus, Ukraine, Serbia, Bosnia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Algeria, Georgia, the Emirates and South America.


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